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Strappy Latin Shoe

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I know, $15 for a pair of dance shoes - unheard of, right?  Before you get too excited, they are used.  You'll see toe prints; they need new heel tips, and of course the suede on the soles looks like they've been danced on - go figure.  Otherwise, they're in good shape - plenty supportive, not even broken in really.  They've only been worn for a handful of competitions, and they look awesome on the floor - love the peek-a-boo mesh sides.  So why get rid of them?  Sadly, an old injury complains when I wear them.  A greta starter or practice shoe.

Supadance brand (one of my favorites); size 3.5 (that's European sizing, by the way - about a 6.5-7 American); 2.5" heel.