Work Out With Your Brain.  Dance With Your Soul.



Thank you for visiting No Frills Dance!  I am one person with a goal - to help you move better, be healthier, and enjoy life.

How, you ask?...

Ballroom Dance Instruction

I began ballroom dancing in college, having never had any dance training before.  I am the poster-child for "Yes, adults can learn to dance," and "No, it's not too late for you." 

It wasn't long before I was having so much fun with it, I decided I should teach it.  It has been my honor to do so for about 21 years now. 

I have limited time these days, but I am available to instruct and coach couples in the art and science of ballroom dancing.  My specialty, and great joy, is in giving absolute beginners a solid foundation and helping them discover a lifelong love of moving to music with a partner.

Ready to learn more about taking ballroom dance lessons?

Fitness Training

My dance background led me to Zumba Fitness, which in turn led me to fitness in general.  I used to say about fitness and wellness, "If I can't get it from dance, I probably won't get it at all."  What can I say?  I was young and didn't believe any better.

A few years of life experience and life changes have taught me the hard way about fitness and general wellness, and now I understand the value of training outside of your sport/hobby.

Along the way, I've indulged my inner geek by acquiring and using a variety of fitness certifications.

My main thing?  Keep people moving, keep them injury-free.  I love to "win over" non-exercisers to a life of better health, more energy, and better sleep.

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